We’re Hiring!

Could You Sell Ice to an Inuit?

A word from our founder, Adam Joseph Johnson...

Position: Acquisition Specialist (Property Investments)

Location: Milton Keynes & surrounding areas.

Salary: £47,400 OTE (Uncapped)

Starting: ASAP


Our team is growing!

That’s right, as part of our Turnkey Deal Packaging service, we’re on the hunt for ‘Acquisition Specialists’.

If you’re wondering what one of those is, I don’t blame you because I made the title up. Sounds fancy though, right?

So, you know those estate agents that come out to value properties when somebody wants to sell? Those market appraisals? Well it’s like that, except better…so if you’ve got experience in that role, that’s perfect…but if you’re an expert negotiator I want to hear from you too.

“Why’s it better?” I hear you ask. Well let me explain…

This isn’t your standard office job….

While we do provide an office for you to work in, it’s up to you how/when/if you use it.

In fact, you get complete and utter autonomy over how you work (provided it’s within the bounds of company values and brand identity).

You’ll be working in something called a Results Only Work Environment (ROWE).

Forget annoying micro-management and sitting in the office for no reason, we just look at the results you deliver…but that means you’d better be delivering!

This is a role for somebody who is pro-active, enthusiastic, self-disciplined and with excellent communication skills. This is a role where effort and results get rewarded rather than simply time spent in the office.

As long as you meet the Key Performance Indicators set, you’re free to work in your most optimal way and fit your life around it. ‘Work’ is no longer a place you go, it’s something you do. The office is a tool to utilise as opposed to a dreary prison that you can’t wait to escape.

Check out this video which expands more on ROWE and then continue reading below…

Sounds great doesn’t it? Let’s talk more about the role.

In case you’re wondering…who are we?

Iuvo Group LTD (including subsidiaries and the InvestorCircle brand) is a new and growing, privately held start-up company that focuses on the property investment market. Building a portfolio of assets, conducting developments in-house and as part of the InvestorCircle brand, helping other investors get better returns on their money through education, partnering on joint venture projects and sourcing turnkey investment opportunities.

With an appetite for growth and a desire to make a positive impact in the world Iuvo Group’s long-term goal is to make investing more accessible for everybody.

You can read more on the About Us page.


So here’s what you’ll you actually be doing and what we expect of you…


Acquisition Specialists (AS) report to the Managing Director. The role of the AS is to work almost exclusively with hot leads (property sellers) to negotiate and secure discounted investments to satisfy the demand for stock. The AS will have responsibility for responding to vendor leads, building rapport and getting a full understanding of each seller’s situation from which a tailored and considered offer for purchase can be proposed and subsequently negotiated. The goal is to create ethical, win-win solutions where all parties benefit and this will often utilise advanced and creative investment strategies in order to solve unique problems. This provides the AS with many valuable learning opportunities.

Further responsibilities will involve thorough market research and due diligence on each opportunity as well as conducting viewings, managing contracts and the preparation of reports/investor sales packs.

To put it simply…you’re working with leads that we supply who are people that actively want to sell, you’re negotiating the best price that works for everyone and then agreeing terms. That’s what your commission is based on!



  • Responding to leads via telephone and email. Building rapport and gathering information on properties, seller situations and circumstances.
  • Regular CRM management to a clear and high standard.
  • Conducting thorough due diligence and market research on an array of (primarily residential) property types including but not limited to:
    • Sold comparables.
    • Growth potential.
    • Sales/rental demand and estimated values.
    • Local amenities.
    • Transport infrastructure.
    • Local employers.
    • Planning permissions (and potential).
  • Carrying out financial assessments on investment opportunities to assess viability and potential.
  • Driving to properties (Milton Keynes +30 mile radius approx.) and conducting viewings including preparing schedules of works for building quotes as well as utilising Matterport 3D cameras to scan properties and create 3D models.
  • Negotiating purchase prices for investments and contractually securing deals.
  • Utilising gathered information to prepare investor presentations and reports for secured investments ready for sale.
  • Additional duties as required.

You’ll be working closely with me (Adam) and will gain an in-depth knowledge of advanced property investment and development strategies as well as becoming familiar with the details and requirements needed to execute them. You will be trained on all of the above although some existing knowledge is desirable…but above all, the key competencies we’re looking for are as many from the following as possible:

  • Intelligence
  • Integrity
  • Independence
  • Excellent first impression
  • Listening
  • Excellent communication – written & oral
  • Pro-activity / energy
  • Persuasion
  • Analytical Skills
  • Organisation / planning
  • Self-awareness
  • Likeability
  • Strong customer focus
  • Excellent negotiation
  • Accountability
  • Passion


Pay & Commission

You will be on a basic rate of £15,000 per annum with a very generous, uncapped commission structure based on the deals you negotiate and secure. Just hitting the conservative, average targets results in £47,400 per annum. The point is, as with ROWE, results get rewarded.

You will be required to drive your own car initially however a company car allowance will be provided should you pass your initial 6 month probation.

On top of working in a ROWE which provides huge flexibility, you will also get 30 holiday days to use.


Additional Information

While we don’t require any qualifications for this role, experience in sales/negotiation and a solid track record will be required. The education sections of the Career History application form are for thoroughness.


How To Apply

If you want to apply to join the team, you’ll need to download the Career History form, fill it out and return it along with your CV and a 400 word ‘sales pitch’ cover letter as to why you should join us! Those that don’t submit all three will not be considered.

Return all of that to: [email protected] and we’ll respond in due course.


Good luck & we look forward to hearing from you!