Grow Your Passive Income. Instantly.

Get your money working harder so that you don’t have to.
Don’t settle for poor-performing savings accounts

Start earning fantastic, monthly returns on your money & replace your salary with passive income...

We use our time, expert knowledge, systems, resources & extensive network to find, acquire, develop & manage long-term, high-returning property investments. We then share these profits with armchair lenders through passive income payments so that we all grow together.

All the returns of property investing with none of the hassle.

We have one life & one life only

Nobody wants to spend their time shackled to a job...

Passive income provides the freedom & financial security to do what you want, when you want & to live life on your terms…but the real trick is putting your money into assets that produce a high, monthly income.

In an era of low interest rates & under-delivering banks, earning the best returns typically requires a large time commitment or a considerable amount of industry knowledge to avoid the pitfalls of amateur investing or fluctuating markets.

You might understand the benefits of investing in property but executing it successfully or having the required time is another matter.

This is precisely why we created InvestorCircle…

Having the freedom to take entrepreneurial chances safe in the knowledge that you are getting paid by your assets engenders a unique atmosphere & a boom in creativity. A growth in entrepreneurship leads to innovation & ultimately prosperity across the board.

Adam Joseph Johnson
Founder of InvestorCircle

We truly see the bigger picture & believe that economic prosperity starts with giving people back their time.

Anything we can do to push people towards that goal is our ultimate purpose which means using what we know to make passive income from property investing as accessible as possible.

With that in mind, we’ve created an innovative investment strategy that allows lenders like you to benefit from the profits that our expertise generates & immediately start earning a fantastic, hands-free income.

Adam is a natural problem solver. He has a way of looking at something creatively and then innovating unique solutions. Clearly intelligent, and bold, he’s not afraid to go against the grain and works hard to enforce success. I’ve no doubt his success will continue far into the future both in property and business.

Simon Zutshi
Amazon #1 Bestselling Author & Founder of the Property Investors Network

How It Works

Very simply, we create premium, residential accommodation in areas of extremely high rental demand. We manage everything & then share the monthly returns with lenders like you!

InvestorCircle followers will have heard us talk about our ‘Golden Rules’ for property investing success.

We practice what we preach as this strategy is built around those rules…

Create Initial Equity

If you buy an asset £50,000 below the market value, you create £50,000 in equity the very moment you purchase. Additionally, if you develop a property to increase its value, you’ll create even more equity.

We do both.

Our unique systems & extensive network allow us to efficiently identify undervalued assets that also have scope to dramatically increase the commercial value – resulting in higher monthly income as well as freshly created equity.

You go into every investment with a huge head start when you create equity like this, both increasing returns & sculpting a thick buffer of protection against market downturns.

Areas Of Very Strong Rental Demand

Creating incredibly desirable accommodation in extremely popular areas ensures that the asset is producing income, every, single month like clockwork.

Each area that we invest in goes through a rigorous analysis process to assess suitability.

Monthly Cash-Flow

We don’t speculate when we invest. We use thorough, diligent research.

There’s no use trying to guess whether the market is going to go up or down. What’s most important is that the asset is producing positive, monthly, cash-flow to not only provide that passive income stream that we share with private lenders but to also allow us to ride the inevitable ups & downs of market changes.

You only lose if you sell an asset at the bottom of the market…& you won’t have to (or want to) sell if the asset is generating the high, monthly returns that we achieve. Even in the economic crash, rental demand remained strong which means you’ll always be getting your passive income.

Long-Term Returns

We understand that passive income requires long-term consistency. You want to know exactly what you’ll be getting every month.

We look at every acquisition as something to hold for as long as the local demand & profitability fits our strict criteria (ideally forever – why kill the goose that laid the golden egg?)

Our contracts provide total clarity as to what you’ll be receiving every month & how long for…with flexible term lengths to suit your needs.

We create highly profitable assets, you reap the rewards effortlessly...

Fixed, Monthly Income

Know exactly how much you’ll receive into your bank, every month, without fail.

Passive & Effortless

Simply transfer & forget, then enjoy your earnings!

Flexible Term Lengths

Choose the plan that fits your life & long-term goals.

Multiply Your Capital

Boot out the banks. Savings accounts have been letting you down for far too long.

Available interest rates...

The longer the term, the more you earn!

3 Year Term6% Interest Per Annum
4 Year Term6.2% Interest Per Annum
5 Year Term6.5% Interest Per Annum
6 Year Term6.9% Interest Per Annum
7 Year Term7.4% Interest Per Annum
8 Year Term8% Interest Per Annum

How much could you be earning?

Just select the amount of capital you’d like to deploy & a term length to see how much it grows. Minimum loan size: £30,000.

£500 £20000
6 months60 months
Interest rate is . Interest payable is . Your repayments will be every month
Total you will Pay:

Some of our happy clients...

Having heard more about the type of investments that InvestorCircle do, I loved the idea of getting involved somehow. I also love the fact that I know exactly what I’m getting every month. When trying to decide what to do with my money, I had been recently recommended other types of investments but they all fluctuated too much and the returns weren’t expected to be anywhere near what is on offer here. I also love the fact that the funds are used for property, it’s a reliable market especially with the golden rules! Definitely recommend.

Milton Keynes

I had had a lump sum of money in an ISA since the late 80s that I received occasional, very meager, interest payments from. Having spoken to InvestorCircle we realised that I would more than triple what I was earning by becoming a lender. I’m incredibly happy with my new monthly income, it significantly improves what I get from my pension.


Ready to become a lender & boost your income?

It couldn't be simpler...
  • Start by filling in this form to book your free phone or video consultation to get any of your questions answered & to make sure it’s the right strategy for you.
  • When you’re happy, we’ll send you out a welcome pack which includes the agreement written up by our legal team.
  • Once that is signed & returned we get to work on deploying the capital. You start seeing your monthly payments straight into your bank account.
  • At the end of the term, you simply get your funds back…or, more likely, you renew & ask us to keep paying you interest!

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