About Us

we exist exclusively to enrich lives

Improve The World

Every action is done with the intention of making the world a better place. Ethical operation in everything that we do.

Pushing You Towards Your Goals

Pushing you towards your goal pushes us towards our own. We have set our targets high enough to significantly and positively impact the world.

Effortless & Efficient

Time plays a big part in our goals. From our own services to reaching your targets, we advocate and provide efficiency in systems and processes.

Behind Our Success

The key to our success and uniqueness is our innovative systems.

From finding investments to managing them and even to how we share what we know with the world, our systems are what make everything happen for both us and for you.

We want to free up your time up by replacing your salary with investment income – this has to include systems. We distribute, manage and deliver using systems by leveraging our key skills of creativity, efficiency, problem solving and our subject expertise.

Mastery of systems is mastery of time.

Problem Solving100%

Who are we & Why are we here?

Core Purpose

The InvestorCircle is here to enrich lives.

It’s not just about increasing wealth and multiplying funds, it’s about what that creates. It’s about the free time that ‘passive’ income gives you. You shouldn’t HAVE to exchange your time for money if you don’t want to. You should be free to live the one life that you have whilst doing the things that you want to do. It’s about choice – whether that’s working, seeing friends and family, following a passion project or growing a business.

Having the freedom to take entrepreneurial chances safe in the knowledge that you are getting paid by your assets engenders a unique atmosphere and a boom in creativity. A growth in entrepreneurship leads to innovation and ultimately prosperity across the board.

Forget the standard doctrine. Forget a poor performing economy. Forget rhetoric from politicians and empty promises. Actions speak louder than words and we, the people, are taking things into our own hands. We are the economy. We are the growth. We will create our own wealth and we will enforce our own prosperity.

This isn’t just financial enrichment. This is life enrichment.

Our ultimate purpose is to remove as many barriers as possible to enable this to happen.

Our Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals

The targets for our ‘Enrichment Movement’ are in two stages:

Step 1 – Investor Takeover (Death of the Savings Account): By making investing as accessible as a savings account, we want to get 1,000,000 people financially independent so their time becomes their own.
Step 2 – Entrepreneur Takeover (Change the World): We want to educate and help fund 100,000 new businesses and entrepreneurs that want to make a positive impact on the world and then do everything we can to make them succeed.

Core Values

1: Always operate ethically in everything we do. Make the world a better place.
2: Embrace creativity and innovation.
3: Within the bounds of ethical operation, maximise returns and profitability in investments.
4: Where possible, actively minimise any risks.
5: Effortless and efficient at every stage, especially for customers and clients.

Our Targets

Financially Independent Clients
Funded Impact Businesses

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